Your Checklist for Choosing School Group Accommodation

Preparation is the key to creating an enjoyable school camp experience that students will remember fondly. We know there is a lot of research and pre-planning that goes into the process and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the camp program. After all, school camp is all about students challenging themselves, learning new skills and trying new activities, but how much thought is given to the school group accommodation?

For many kids, not being able to sleep is a common problem while away at camp, which makes the experience challenging for teachers that are on call 24/7. Choosing comfortable accommodation will help to ease anxiety and sleeping problems.

We’ve outlined some questions to consider when choosing school group accommodation:

  • Can the venue accommodate a very large school group?
  • Is the accommodation inside in rooms or outside in tents?
  • Do the rooms have central heating or air conditioning?
  • How many kids can fit per room?
  • Is linen included or will the kids need to bring their own?
  • Are the rooms for teachers and parent supervisors close by?
  • Where are the bathrooms in proximity to the rooms?
  • How many bathrooms are there?
  • Does access to the rooms involve stairs?
  • Is there a safe place to store medication?

As an experienced provider of school camps, we’ve designed The Collaroy Centre cabins to provide a blend of modern facilities with old school charm. Our cabins can accommodate over 380 kids, with each cabin including a two twin-share Deluxe Room for teachers to be near students for supervision. The Deluxe Rooms offer teachers comfort and privacy with an ensuite bathroom, including towels and linen. Hotel rooms can also be requested for additional staff

Each cabin has ten rooms with bunk beds, suitable for 6 to 8 kids per room. With air conditioning and two ensuite bathrooms, the kids won’t be left freezing or walking around outside in the dark. Each cabin also has two common rooms, one containing a TV, Blu-ray DVD player and kitchenette, perfect for activities or for relaxing.

The kids will need a good night’s sleep so that they can enjoy the fantastic range of day and night activities organised by The Collaroy Centre – abseiling, archery, laser tag, rock climbing and many more fun activities.

Get in touch and host your next Sydney school camp with us at The Collaroy Centre. Choose from our wide range of thrilling outdoor activities and immerse your students in the natural world with modern and comfortable accommodation, as well as fun and rewarding outdoor activities.