Outdoor Team Building Activities That You Won’t Hate

Team building activities seem to be met with negative sentiment these days. Words like ‘team bonding’ or ‘ice breaker’ can cause employees to break out in a cold sweat, even though the intent is good, they often end up feeling forced and awkward which pretty much throw the benefits of team bonding activities out the window.

Success at work is dependent on the quality of your work, not just the amount of time you work. An employee’s quality of work is highly dependent on their well-being. Team building activities are a way to introduce play into the work environment, which can increase energy and prevent burnout. Play brings joy and bonding, which goes a long way for team problem solving, creativity and innovation.

As a leader, there’s no doubt you want to build morale and camaraderie within your team proactively – but how do you do that in ways that people will get excited about?

The Collaroy Centre offers a fantastic range of activities that will ensure an exhilarating experience for your team. Whether it’s encouraging teamwork and leadership or just ensuring the everyone has fun, our outdoor team building activities can be tailored to suit your businesses preference.

As an experienced provider of outdoor activities, we understand the role of team bonding in the workplace. While your staff are having a blast participating in activities, they are also strengthening their communication, decision making, problem-solving, resilience, team building and leadership skills. Regular play can also lead to higher job satisfaction.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a classic (and fun) team building experience, challenging your employee’s wit and strategy skills. Our dedicated Laser Tag arena can provide a combination of games including Team Tag, Rescue the Dummy, Defend the base and Capture the flag.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is both an individual and group challenge. It’s a valuable exercise in learning how to trust the rest of your team. Teams of at least four people rotate climbing and belaying their teammates up to the wall. The first quarter of the wall is a rope web continuing onto a man-made wall with holds and climbs that suit all ages and skill levels.

The Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is designed to develop multiple skills. The objective of the Challenge Course is to build teamwork and communication skills. It’s a five-part team building activity which includes challenges such as the TT Log, The Wall, Nitro Crossing, TP Shuffle and the Maze. Our team of professional instructors help to ensure it’s a unique and fun experience for employees.

The Collaroy Centre provides fun and memorable outdoor team building activities, and we have many more thrilling activities to choose from. Get in touch with our enthusiastic staff and host your next team building day with us.