Entertaining and Inspiring Kids with School Camp Activities

As an experienced provider of school camp programs, The Collaroy Centre understands the role of camp in providing students with opportunities for personal development. While the students are having a great time participating in school camp activities, they are also learning fundamental skills around communication, problem-solving, decision-making, resilience, leadership and team building.

Located conveniently on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on 10 hectares of natural bushland with stunning views, The Collaroy Centre is a unique school camp location. Whether you’d like to encourage resilience and teamwork or just ensure your students are inspired and entertained, all our school camp activities can be tailored to suit your schools’ requirements.

The Collaroy Centre offers a wide range of day and night activities that will ensure an exciting stay for your group, here are a few highlights:


Abseiling is all about students overcoming challenges and pushing beyond their comfort zones. The tower is a four-sided artificial structure with two height and angle options; an introductory 5 metre and 9 degrees angled abseil and a completely vertical 10 metre fully clad abseil.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is designed to develop multiple skills. The objective of the Challenge Course is to build teamwork and communication skills. It’s a five-part team building activity which includes challenges such as the TT Log, The Wall, Nitro Crossing, TP Shuffle and the Maze. Our team of professional instructors help to ensure it’s a unique and fun experience for students and teachers alike.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a classic (and fun) team building experience, challenging the student’s wit and strategy skills. Our dedicated Laser Tag arena can provide a combination of games including Team Tag, Rescue the Dummy, Defend the base and Capture the flag.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is both an individual and group challenge. It’s a valuable exercise in learning how to trust the rest of your group. Teams of at least 4 students rotate climbing and belaying their teammates up to the wall. The first quarter of the wall is a rope web continuing onto a man-made wall with holds and climbs that suit all ages and skill levels.

The Collaroy Centre provides fun and memorable school camps and we have many more thrilling school camp activities to choose from. Get in touch with our enthusiastic staff and host your next school camp with us.