School camps in Sydney get kids to put down their smartphones

With the average Australian spending over three hours a day on a mobile device and 57% of parents telling Deloitte they are concerned about their children’s use of phones, it is no wonder that teachers are constantly challenged with finding new ways to build genuine connections with and between their pupils.

However, it has been proven time and time again that outdoor play in a natural environment has significant benefits to a child’s development, so if you’re looking at where to host your next school camp, why not make it an outdoor adventure camp at The Collaroy Centre?

The staff at The Collaroy Centre are skilled providers of school camps in Sydney. We understand the role camp activities play in helping kids develop important life skills such as independence, communication and problem-solving. Which is why we aim to facilitate all of our programs in a way that supports growth in these areas.

A school camp at The Collaroy Centre could include anything from archery to rock climbing. For many kids, it will be their first time trying a new activity. It’s a great way for them to discover their own hidden talents while also giving teachers the opportunity to get to know their students better in a different setting.

Benefits of outdoor school camps

Recent studies show outdoor play can actually help reduce the amount of fighting and bullying that goes on in schools. Many of these studies also highlight how outdoor play is important for the emotional and physical development of children and paves the way for better overall health in the long run.

The great thing about many school camps in Sydney is that they provide exciting outdoor adventures that motivate kids to put down their smartphones and reconnect with nature. The Collaroy Centre offers a beautiful setting, that is also close to home. And we’re proud to offer fun adventurous activities that challenge kids and give them the opportunity to make lasting bonds with their teachers and peers.

We guarantee that what’s happening on social media or behind their screen will be the farthest thing from your students’ minds when they step up to the line and pull back an arrow for the first time or hook themselves in for their very first rock climb. To learn more visit our school camps page.