What is The Duke of Edinburgh International Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is an educational program that lives outside of the school curriculum. It’s main purpose is to help anyone aged 14-25 discover what you can accomplish with self-motivation, perseverance and teamwork. It is a program designed to push you towards personal discovery, self-reliance and service to your community.

There are three levels that you can undertake – Bronze, Silver and Gold. At each of these levels, there are challenges that fall into the categories listed below:

  • Non-physical skills
  • Recreation or fitness
  • Community service
  • Expeditions
  • Residential projects (Gold level only)

What can The Collaroy Centre offer The Duke of Edinburgh International Award participants?

The Collaroy Centre has specialised in delivering the Expeditions component of The Duke of Ed program for over 15 years. Our highly trained staff help guide participants through the program in a way that allows them to truly experience the adventure and excitement that this section of the award provides. The Collaroy Centre will guide you through the pre-trip preparation and training, as well as both your practice and qualifying, expeditions.

When can I complete my Expedition for The Duke of Ed?

The Collaroy Centre runs expeditions that are open to all students during each of the school holidays. We also offer customisable private expeditions for groups throughout the year. To view this year’s schedule and learn more about the different hiking expeditions offered click here.

What does it cost?

The Duke of Ed Expeditions at The Collaroy Centre start from $175. This includes the instruction and supervision of our experienced and qualified guides, a training workbook, a two-hour briefing session, 24-hour logistics support throughout the expedition, a group first aid kit, and all camping and National Park fees. For a full list of what is included in each package click here.

The Collaroy Centre also has a range of equipment available for hire so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on new supplies in order to complete this section of The Duke of Ed. Visit our website for a full list of the equipment available and cost of hire.

If you are interested in learning more about The Duke of Edinburgh International Award you can contact us or visit their website.