Make your next large family gathering a retreat at The Collaroy Centre

If you’re looking for a unique venue and beautiful location for your next family gathering, The Collaroy Centre is your ideal setting. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, organising a reunion, or just looking for a chance to catch up and spend some quality time with family away from the chaos of daily life, we have exactly what you need. Our helpful, experienced staff can assist with everything from designing an activity plan to setting up accommodation and catering for your whole family.

The Collaroy Centre has a range of easily accessible accommodation options that can be booked individually or as a group. And our facility has capacity for up to 440 people, making it ideal for large (really large!) family retreats – and no, you don’t need to book all the rooms.

By booking your next family retreat at The Collaroy Centre you’ll have access to a range of recreational facilities including a tennis and basketball court, large oval for ball sports and complimentary use of sporting equipment. As well as an extensive range of meeting spaces and adventure activities that allow families to discover each other’s hidden talents and create lasting bonds between older and younger generations.

If you’ve been tasked with organising your next family gathering here are a few tips that will help make everything go smoothly and allow you to soak in the experience instead of getting caught up in the logistics.

Plan ahead and keep it simple

When you’re planning a large family gathering, most people recommend starting at least six months in advance. This will give everyone enough notice to book time off and make any necessary arrangements for pets or house sitters if they’re flying internationally or interstate.

Try to leave some flexibility in the schedule to allow for downtime. Different personalities crave different things and providing some space for spontaneity will make room for unexpected fun.

Be aware of blackout dates

Before suggesting potential dates and times, ask for calendars and try to figure out an appropriate length based on where everyone will be travelling from. It’s often hard to accommodate everyone but planning around annual trips or school holidays will prevent disappointment or frustration from family members who want to participate.

Set a budget

Various family members will typically have different financial situations so where possible it’s best to keep costs low to ensure everyone can still be involved.


Draw on the individual strengths in your family and let someone else handle some of the planning. Be sure to show your appreciation for their help during the gathering or after. The gesture doesn’t need to be big but it’s worth the effort to acknowledge their contributions and it will make it less stressful for you knowing that you’ve got a few helping hands.


Last but not least, make use of technology to stay in touch before, during and after the event. Create a Facebook group or event page to share updates, get people excited, and provide any important updates. You can also use social media or Google to share photos after the event.

Family gatherings are a truly special time and we hope that we can help you make the next retreat a memorable one. To learn more visit The Collaroy Centre retreats page or contact us.