How rock climbing gives kids problem solving skills

What was once thought of as a sport reserved for adrenaline junkies, rock climbing is rapidly gaining popularity as people start to realise its many benefits. And with advancements in equipment, kids as young as four are now able to safely give it a try.

Rock climbing at The Collaroy Centre offers an exciting opportunity for your kids to challenge their mental and physical ability in a safe environment. We offer a wide range of climbs to suit beginners through to more intermediate climbers.

Like most recreational sports, rock climbing teaches kids how to channel their energy towards achieving a goal. But what makes rock climbing unique is that in order to get to the top, even on the very first climb, a climber must quickly learn to rely on themselves. It’s up to the climber, not the coach, to map out a successful strategy.

In comparison, most other sports have a much more gradual approach to problem-solving. In the beginning, it’s up to the players to execute a strategy but not to determine what that strategy might be. Whereas with rock climbing, regardless of how novice or advanced the climber is, the only one responsible for negotiating the best route to the top is them.

The more rock climbs your kid does the better they become at developing and planning paths that match their ability. They also become more adept at making decisions on the go.

This is because of the nature of rock climbing. It’s likely that they will find themselves struggling with a specific route and will need to change course part way through to adapt it to their level of strength and flexibility. With this comes a heightened level of self-awareness and a clear understanding of how hard work can result in an accomplished goal.

What’s more is that kids, especially nowadays, often get bored with things quickly. But because rock climbing is different every climb, it manages to grab and hold onto a climbers attention, demanding their focus. And while each route may be different from the last, every climb always requires an ever-increasing level of concentration of both the mind and body.

It’s also a great way to expose kids to the emotional moments of both defeat and victory. Giving them the opportunity to learn how to control and overcome the butterflies and excitement at an early age. Not to mention it also helps turn goal setting into a habit. So why not bring the whole family and give it a try!

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