Youth group ideas: How to plan a memorable trip at the Collaroy Centre

If you’re looking for youth group ideas or a destination to host your next religious retreat, the Collaroy Centre is the perfect place.

Located only 30 minutes north of the CBD, the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and tranquil surroundings make it an ideal location to connect with God. It’s just far enough that you will feel like you’re away from the chaos but not so far that it makes the travel to and from exhausting.

Whether you decide to book your next trip at The Collaroy Centre or elsewhere, here are five essential tips to ensure your youth group trip goes smoothly.

Work to your strengths

If you’re a pastor you may be brilliant at inspiring youth but you might not have a ton of experience with coordinating travel logistics. And on the other hand, if you’re a trip planner you may be great at showing people a good time but you might not fully understand what is required for this unique kind of experience. Throw some youth group ideas around with the pastor beforehand to ensure the concept fits the goal.

Prepare for the unexpected

When there are a lot of moving parts, things tend to go sideways every now and again. Letting the group know before you depart that large groups require both flexibility and patience from all parties helps get everyone in the right mindset. That way, when things to go awry, everyone is more prepared to go with the flow.

Stay focused on the purpose when planning

Make sure those who sign up are coming with the right intentions. A fun trip can be a great way to welcome new members into the church. But it’s best to first get an idea of the level of commitment by making it mandatory that they attend a few youth group meetings prior to the trip.

Look for balance

When setting up an itinerary, try not to over plan and allow for some downtime. This is important as it allows some space for people to connect in a more natural way with each other and with God. There are also so many activities at The Collaroy Centre that it might be hard to fit them all in. If certain ones appeal more to others giving them the opportunity to choose can be a great thing.

Lay some ground rules and meet before you go

It’s also important to set ground rules with when and where tech devices can be used. Avoiding them all together is an option but it can be tough when cell phones also provide that vital link back to their families in case they are missing home.

Be sure to go over the essential information with parents in a pre-trip meeting. Discuss how they can communicate with leaders and their children, go over who the emergency contacts are, and any other helpful takeaways.

And don’t forget, we’re here to help! There are a lot of youth group ideas out there but not all of them serve this purpose well. The staff at The Collaroy Centre have years of experience planning memorable youth group retreats. Contact us at Phone (02) 9982 9800 or enquire online.