What skills does the Duke of Edinburgh Award teach?

Many young Australians between the ages of 14 and 24 take on the Duke of Edinburgh Award to boost their chances of getting a scholarship, being admitted to a university, or being selected for a job. Why though, does this award set them apart from other applicants?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is unique in the skills that it teaches. To be awarded the bronze, silver or gold level, an individual must develop self-motivation, perseverance and organizational skills. For each level of The Duke of Edinburgh Award, you must choose four activities* that qualify as either community service, skill building, physical recreation or an adventurous journey.

For over 15 years, The Collaroy Centre has been helping participants complete the adventurous journey component of the award with great success. For some, it is one of the most challenging areas of the program. But thanks to our experienced staff, anyone who has ever attempted an adventurous journey at The Collaroy Centre has made it through.

How the Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey teaches self-motivation

All four components of the Duke of Edinburgh program are almost entirely self-guided. This is beneficial in that it allows for each individual the flexibility to work to their own strengths, interests, and schedules. However, on the same note, it also requires a lot of self-discipline in order to complete.

Once a participant has decided to work with The Collaroy Centre for their adventurous journey, they will be put to the test to show how they can co-operate and problem-solve. Our expert guides help with the necessary preparations because when you’re out in the wilderness unexpected things are bound to happen! But after that, it’s up to you.

How the Duke of Edinburgh Award adventurous journey teaches perseverance

In order for an adventurous journey to count towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award, you must be out in the wilderness for 1 to 4 days. You must also cover 20 to 250 km by foot, bicycle, on horseback or by another approved means of transport. This, as you can see, isn’t for the faint of heart, but most things worth doing are never easy. And those who learn perseverance early in life typically go on to accomplish great things.

How the Duke of Edinburgh Award adventurous journey teaches organization

For a trip to go smoothly it demands a significant amount of planning and preparation. The Collaroy Centre has great resources to help with this portion of the challenge so don’t think you have to go this part on your own. Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help!

What you miss out on if you don’t take on The Duke of Edinburgh Award challenge

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a rare opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities outside of a school setting. Many students and young adults have interests or passions that fall outside of school sports or academia. The Duke of Edinburgh is a chance to showcase these talents and put them towards something tangible. You can ask anyone who has taken on this challenge before, it’s certainly an achievement they will always look back on.

Duke of Ed at the Collaroy Centre