Preparing Kids (and Parents) for School Camps NSW

School camp is a rite of passage for all students – big and small, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to develop new skills, friendships and interests. It also gives teachers an opportunity to get to know students in a different environment outside the classroom.

Going to camp may not be a holiday for teachers, but we strongly believe teachers should have fun too! The Collaroy Centre offers a variety of thrilling day and night activities that will ensure an enjoyable stay for students and teachers.

With our extensive experience providing school camp programs, we understand the role of camp in providing students with opportunities for personal growth. While the students are having a ball participating in activities, they are also learning essential skills for communication, problem-solving, decision making, resilience, leadership and team building.

During camp, kids will be exposed to a variety of experiences and activities that they may not have tried before. These experiences facilitate learning in a variety of forms, but can also raise some challenges.

2 to 4 Weeks Prior to Camp

For many kids, just the thought of being away from home can provoke high anxiety, which can also make the experience challenging for teachers who will be on call 24/7.

Some of the common worries about camp include:

  • Not being able to sleep
  • Not liking the food at camp
  • Anxiety about who they’ll be sharing a cabin with
  • Not enjoying the camp activities
  • Feeling homesick

Encourage teachers and parents to talk with kids about the experience to overcome the fear of not enjoying camp. Showing photos and videos of the camp and the activities, providing packing checklists and doing practice sleep overs can all help kids feel positive about the upcoming school camp. Reassuring children (and parents!) that they will be cared for and supported will ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

The Collaroy Centre school camps provide unforgettable experiences. Located conveniently on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on natural bush land with stunning views, The Collaroy Centre is a unique location, perfect for school camps NSW.

Join the fun and get ready for rewarding outdoor activities, which can all be tailored to suit your schools’ needs. We welcome all school camps NSW enquiries. Get in touch with our passionate staff who are dedicated to helping you reach your desired school camp goals.