Fun activities for kids that teach the importance of teamwork

The Collaroy Centre has activities for kids that are fun and engaging. They also help teach important life lessons such as teamwork.

At The Collaroy Centre, kids learn valuable teamwork skills through sports and other fun team-based activities. Our school camps are the perfect environment for these experiences. They help build self-esteem, increase collaborative results at school and in friendship groups, and encourage them to create lifelong bonds.

Students who understand teamwork are more likely to listen attentively in class, exchange ideas, share their passions and keep organised at school.

There can be multiple barriers standing between a student and traditional sports, such as a family’s financial situation or their proximity to ovals or gymnasiums so engaging in teamwork activities at school camps is essential to the kids who would otherwise be left out.

At The Collaroy Centre, we facilitate school camps that expose kids to challenging activities in a relaxed setting. This gives students who may not be into traditional sports an opportunity to shine and ensures each and every one of them has a chance to show off their individuality, make lasting bonds, and discover hidden talents that altogether make for a better school year ahead.

Here are just a few of the popular school camp activities for kids that The Collaroy Centre offers, all of which are geared towards working together as a team:

  • The Challenge Course: This is a five-part team building activity that includes the TT Log, The Wall, Nitro Crossing, TP Shuffle and the Maze. The objective of this course is to learn how to build, co-operate and communicate.
  • The ECO Challenge: This “adventure race” inspired activity is a great way to challenge even the hardiest of groups. Incorporating different onsite activities, groups navigate around The Collaroy Centre property completing several challenging tasks along the way. No one man band allowed here. Each participant must complete at least one task.
  • The Initiative Course: This is another five-part team building activity including a Spiders Web, Hoop Loop, the Meuse, Trolleys and the Matrix.
  • Team Laser Tag: This activity has had a recent upgrade and now includes an even larger playing area along with two shipping containers to maximise the fun. It is a great team building experience but it also challenges individuals to develop their own strategy.
  • Raft Building: This team building activity takes place at the Collaroy Rock Pool. Teams are each given the challenge of building a raft using the provided equipment. Once the rafts are constructed, each team nominates a ‘test dummy’ who will paddle their team’s raft across Collaroy Rock Pool. The entire group is involved in the activity whether they are designing, building or paddling the raft. Note: The participant who paddles the raft will be required to have swimming ability and will be wearing a life jacket. Students are required to wear shoes at all times.

For a full list of the activities for kids that we offer, click here. To learn more about hosting your next school camp at The Collaroy Centre, contact us.