Refresh and Focus with Group Retreats NSW

Our hectic day-to-day life can be a barrage of work, commutes, to-do lists, and other necessary tasks that distract from the things that truly bring us happiness. Learning to listen deeply to your inner guidance and intuition can be a challenging task during times of stress.

Are you looking for a place to relax, recharge and reconnect with a unique ambience for your church, youth or music group, sporting association or community group?

‘Retreat’, means ‘to withdraw, or drawback’. Therefore, group retreats are an ideal setting for people to step away from normal routines, responsibilities and pressures of everyday life to be in a quiet place that opens up a profound opportunity to re-discover yourself, new ideas and synergies with other group members. Retreat venues provide a peaceful and tranquil environment, with meeting/conference and recreation facilities.

A retreat offers the option for greater self-awareness that can:

  • Adjust relationships, lifework and direction
  • Bring to light what right action to undertake
  • Learn from other leaders in the retreat
  • Break the cycle of stagnation and open the space for different courses of action
  • Discover what works and what doesn’t; facing anything, you have been ignoring
  • Re-balance issues within relationships
  • Provide time to decompress to listen to your inner wisdom and needs

Being in a new setting often encourages people to think more creatively, and to be more open-minded about new ideas and change. Located only 30 minutes north of the CBD (but feels a million miles away), the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and tranquil surroundings make The Collaroy Centre the ideal location for group retreats NSW.

How often do you get away and have fun? Retreats are a great opportunity to bring people out of their shell and to help them engage with each other on a more personal level. Outdoor group activities bring joy and bonding, which goes a long way for team problem solving, creativity and innovation.

The Collaroy Centre offers a fantastic range of activities that will ensure a fun experience for your group. Whether it’s encouraging teamwork and leadership or just ensuring the everyone has a good time, our outdoor team building activities can be tailored to suit your group’s preference.

Taking personal time away from the responsibilities of guiding others is a chance to reconnect to your personal direction.

Our experienced staff would love to assist in making your retreat a refreshing and memorable event. Get in touch with our staff to learn more about hosting group retreats with us.