Upgrades, Facelift, Improvements

The Collaroy Centre has been getting a face lift! If you haven’t been for a while, you will love the changes.

The last couple of years has seen some valuable upgrades at the Centre. Clients who have been coming for years and years continue to comment on the improvements and how much they enjoy their stay. Improvements have been inside, outside and at our activity spaces.

The Collaroy Centre Indoor Improvements include:  

  1. We have re-carpeted the dining room and conference room after the wear and tear from so much use.
  2. Our dining room has new comfy chairs that lift the vibe of the dining space.
  3. To continue looking after your comfort, other meeting spaces including the Auditorium, Garden Room, seminar rooms and Chapel all have new chairs as well.
  4. The conference room has new specialty privacy blinds that allow you to see out of the room and let light in but don’t let people see in.
  5. The Auditorium has had a huge upgrade with a new sound system as well as a brand-new lighting system allowing for fun discos for youth and school camps and professional conference lighting.
  6. For your health and comfort we have new mattresses in every cabin
  7. For your comfort we have air conditioning in every cabin
  8. New shutters in every cabin creates a modern look and feel allowing lovely filtered light into the cabins
  9. Instantaneous gas water in the hotel rooms
  10. Our reception area has been repainted and restyled to look more modern.

All of these upgrades are on display on our Virtual Tour to check out the facilities online.

Contact us on 9982 9800, or click here to Book a Personal Tour of the site to see for yourself!
We guarantee you will love it here!

virtual tour Collaroy Centre