Initiative Course

This is another five part team building activity including a Spiders Web, Hoop Loop, the Meuse, Trolleys and the Matrix.

1. Spiders Web - Pass each member of the group through a separate web opening, without letting any part of the body touch any part of the web. Once a member uses an opening, that section is closed to further passage.

2. Hoop Loop – The idea of this activity is to rotate the group through three suspended hoops. This must be achieved while the group are holding hands.

3. The Meuse - To cross the “raging crocodile infested swamp” using only 3 planks of wood and one length of rope. The whole group and all equipment must make it without dropping anything or anyone into the ‘crocodile’s territory’.

4. Trolleys - The group must work together to find a way to move from one designated point to another, using only the trolleys as a vehicle to get there.

5. Matrix - The object of this activity is to move the group through the matrix, a horizontal cargo net. The activity can be run simply as stepping a certain pattern, similar to ‘Go, Go, Stop’, with the whole group following that pattern. Or it can be run more like a horizontal spider’s web, in which the group must traverse the matrix without touching any of the sides of each hole.